Cost of Freon Skyrockets by 300%

R-22 freonR-22 (most commonly known as Freon by consumers) is no longer used in the manufacturing of new air conditioners.  Due to its ozone-depleting properties, R-22 is considered harmful to our planet.  New air conditioners and heat pumps use a more environmentally sound substance called R-410A.

Although R-22 Freon  is still the most commonly used refrigerant due to a lot of older air conditioners, production of R-22 has almost disappeared due to the Montreal Protocol. Due to high demand, and short supply, the prices of R-22 has increased by 300%+.  It has reached the point that if your AC is out of R-22 refrigerant, it probably makes more sense for you to just buy a new air conditioner.

The EPA has prohibited freon production by 2020.

In the meantime, adding freon to your old system can cost hundreds if not thousands … read more

Author: Lynn Canal

Lynn Canal Heating, Cooling & Plumbing consolidate HVAC information for beginners and experts alike and provides useful articles and videos from a variety of sources.

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